LED Light Source

Optional Accessories for LED Light Source

Exclusive options for UFLS-75 / 501

Dedicated options for
UFLS-75 / 501 Series

Specifications: Exclusive options for UFLS-75 / 501

Series Type Specifications Compatibility PDF DXF
AC adapter UFLS-24V120W 24V output 120W UFLS-75 / 501 Series PDF DXF
External control cable UFLS-EXC-25* D-SUB 25-pin male connectors PDF DXF

“*” represents built-to-order products.

Product specifications: Light collection optical system
Series Type Radiation NA Fiber inlet end diameter
Uniform diameter Maximum diameter
Light collection optical system FL-75-08 0.5 8 10
FL-75-10* 0.4 10 12.5
FL-75-12* 0.34 12 15

“*” represents built-to-order products.

Specifications: Base
Series Type Specifications
Base AD-75-HY* Base for light guides from all manufacturers
For other specifications, contact our sales representative.
Projection lens AD-75-C* A projection lens can be attached to the tip.
Light projection amount is variable depending on insertion length.

“*” represents built-to-order products.