LED Light

Shadowless Low-Angle Ring Light

UNSL Series

・Soft light diffused through a light guide plate creates uniform lighting with no shadow.
・Can be used for inspection of inscriptions and scratches on glossy or metal objects.
・Circle and square shapes can be selected depending on workpiece shapes.

Specifications: UNSL Series

Type Light color Ring I.D. (mm) Ring O.D. (mm) Power consumption PDF DXF
UNSL-73R100* Red φ73 φ100 24V/5.3W PDF DXF
UNSL-73W100* White ○ φ73 φ100 24V/9.0W
UNSL-73B100* Blue φ73 φ100 24V/9.0W
UNSL-109R136* Red φ109 φ136 24V/7.2W PDF DXF
UNSL-109W136* White ○ φ109 φ136 24V/12.2W
UNSL-109B136* Blue φ109 φ136 24V/12.2W
UNSL-153R180* Red φ153 φ180 24V/9.6W PDF DXF
UNSL-153W180* White ○ φ153 φ180 24V/16.3W
UNSL-153B180* Blue φ153 φ180 24V/16.3W

"*" represents built-to-order products. Green light is also available for BTO products.
Red light can be operated using a higher brightness 4-element LED in which case "2" should be put to the end of the type code.

Conceptual illuminance figure

Conceptual illuminance figure