LED Power Supply

Flash Power Supply

Flash Power Supply

・U-Technology's standard LED light can be used as a flash light.
・Light emission time can be configured in the range of between 1-990 μs.
・Capable of lighting several times as bright as a normal power supply.

Specifications: Flash Power Supply

Type USTD-3648-2
System Constant voltage flash light, light emitting time control
Output 2-channel, 30W (total lighting power consumption)
Output voltage 36V/48V switch 36V: For red, IR and UV 48V: For white, green and blue
Peak output current 4.3A
Trigger Trigger mode: INT/EXT (2-channel simultaneous switchover)
INT (internal trigger):
EXT (external trigger): photocoupler input, 5 mA built-in constant-voltage diodes 20 us or larger pulse width
Rise/fall in shorter than 10 us
Light emission time Manual: Digital SW settings (10-990 us, 10-100%)
External parallel: 10-100%
External serial: RS232C (1 us – 10 ms)
Trigger input inhibition Trigger signals are inhibited for 12 times the duration of light emission.
Light emission delay 5us typ.
External control 1 input 4-bit Parallel/Channel 5V CMOS Level 4.7kΩ Pull-up
External control 2 input RS232C ±5V
Trigger output Trigger input ON: High pulse output, 5V CMOS signal
Overcurrent protection Output shutdown; 120% of rated load (min.); restored by a power cycle after elimination of cause
Input voltage AC 100-230V (rating) ±15% 50/60Hz
Power consumption 70VA typ. (AC200V)
Inrush current (A) 15/30A (AC100/230V) at cold start
Operating temperature/humidity 0-40℃ /20-85%RH (non condensing)
Storage temperature/humidity -15-85℃, 20-85% RH (non condensing)
Environmental control RoHS-compliant
Cooling system Natural air-cooling
External control connector 1: D sub 25-pin (plug), M2.6 screw 2: D sub 9-pin (plug), inch screw
Dimensions W 110mm x D 170mm x H 90mm (excluding protrusions)
Fixing screw hole: 4-M3 85×145
Weight Approx. 1.2 kg

*1. Be sure to use a power cord appropriate for input AC voltage that confirms to applicable national and local standards.