Metal-halide light-equivalent high-power LED light source series

High-Power LED Light Source


Achieved an output equivalent to a 250W metal-halide light.

・Micro size
・Light collection optical system available as an option
・High-performance light collection optical system design (patented)
・AC input type is also available to order (UFLS-75AC)
For details, please contact our sales representative.
High-performance light collection optical system design [patented]

Non-imaging optical system

With LED light sources using an imaging system, LED image formation occurs on the incidence end surface of a light guide and illumination distribution is uneven due to an aberration as seen in image (b) above. On the other hand, U-Technology’s non-imaging optical system can reproduce the circle shape of the light guide and results in even illumination distribution as seen in (a) above.

High illuminance

Light emitted from LEDs based on our proprietary optical system is condensed onto the light guide end surface to achieve higher and more even illuminance, which makes it possible to replace metal halide lights.

Industry's best brightness level - 130% of metal halide light*

* Based on U-Technology’s research
*φ12 straight type (WD=100)
*The values are observed illuminance values, not guaranteed values.

Feedback function (BTO)

Our proprietary technology maintains a constant light output regardless of room temperature and time.

•Less need for illuminance management and device initialization
•Stable operation of manufacturing line

Three different standard external control modes

•Serial communication: RS-232C (240-step)
•Digital: 8-bit digital control (240-step)
•Analog: 0-5V (960-step)
(Selectable using the mode selection switch)

ON/OFF switching

Lighting can be switched ON/OFF.
•Lighting is turned ON for inspection and OFF for downtime to save energy.
•To keep lighting ON during device adjustment work, lighting mode can be reversed easily using the mode selector switch.

Projection lens

Projection lens AD-75-C

Type description

Type UFLS-75-※※※-※※
LED luminescent color White
Output flux 3000 lm
Correlated color temperature 6000-8500K
LED life *30000h
Light emission system Constant-current light emission
Light control system Variable current control
Light control Manual: Digital setting by means of light control knobs 00: OFF, 10-ff (240-step)
External serial: Setting by means of RS232C communication 00: OFF, 10-ff (240-step)
External digital: Setting by means of 8-bit parallel signal 00: OFF, 10-ff (240-step)
External analog: 0-5V (effective range: 0.32-5V) Approx. 960 steps by means of internal 10-bit control 0.15V or below: OFF
ON/OFF control Photocoupler insulation, built-in CRD
Error detection When fan stoppage, LED overheat or LED breakage is detected, the alarm indicator lights up and the LED turns OFF.
Input protection By fuse
Joint diameter φ8-12
Input voltage Rating: 24V DC Range: 21.6-26.4V DC
Power consumption 108W
Interface D-SUB25PIN (female)
Use environment Temperature: 0-40℃ Humidity: 20-85%RH (non condensing)
Storage environment Temperature: -20-60℃ Humidity: 20-85%RH (non condensing)
Cooling method Forced cooling (air inlet: front, air outlet: rear)
Outside dimensions 102 x 122 x 92 mm (protrusions not included)
Material SECC, acrylic coating
Weight Approx. 1.2 kg
External standards RoHS-compliant

*Variable depending on operating environment temperature. This is not a guaranteed value.
Note: Light guides must be heat resistant, if used in conjunction with this device.

Spectral characteristics of LED

Spectral characteristics of LED

External control connector pin assignment
Name Connector Model Pin # Signal name I/O Hi Lo
External control connector D-sub 25-pin 1 Commorn (+) I
2 TxD O
3 RxD I
9 Bit 0 (LSB) I Inact Act
10 Bit 1 I Inact Act
11 Bit 2 I Inact Act
12 Bit 3 I Inact Act
13 Bit 4 I Inact Act
14 Bit 5 I Inact Act
15 Bit 6 I Inact Act
16 Bit 7 (MSB) I Inact Act
17 On/Off + I *2 *2
18 On/Off – I *2 *2
19 Analog + I
21 Analog – I
23 Alarm O Abnormal Normal
25 Rele Alarm I Inact Act

*1. Act: Active Inact: Inactive
*2. Negative logic: On/Off +: H AND On/Off -: ON only when L, Positive logic: On/Off +: L OR On/Off -: ON when H
*3. To cancel an alarm, set to Lon above Ims. For light control via serial communication, set the light control volume again.



Standard base

Standard base<

*For other base profiles, contact our sales representative.

BTO item

BTO item

Optional accessories
Series Type
AC adapter UFLS-24V120W
External control cable UFLS-EXC-25
Light collection optical system FL-75-10
Base AD-75-HY