Metal-halide light-equivalent high-power LED light source series

High-Power LED Point Light Source


Magnifies micro defects into a macro scale to improve inspection accuracy.
Breakthrough from conventional lamp-type point light source – world’s first, the smallest long-life LED point light source

Our proprietary intensity-amplifying optical system realizes 2.5 times as high intensity as our high-power LED light source (UFLS-75-08W).
This LED light source offers as high intensity as 200 Mcd/m², which is nearly equivalent to that of xenon light sources.

・Our proprietary intensity-amplifying optical system <patent pending>
・Any defect on a transparent film or glass can be magnified and projected sharply
・LED configuration for energy-saving and environment-friendliness
・Lensless configuration with no need for focusing
・The camera can be fixed by mounting on a tripod
・4 different light emission diameters (Φ0.5, Φ1, Φ2, Φ3)

Type UFLS-75-005W-P,UFLS-75-01W-P, UFLS-75-02W-P, UFLS-75-03W-P
LED luminescent color White
Light emission dia. φ0.5mm,φ1 mm, φ2 mm, φ3 mm (in order of types)
Light emission angle 50 deg. (full width at half maximum)
Central illuminance Central illuminance at 1m 75lx, 200 lx, 800 lx, 1500 lx (in order of types)
Correlated color temperature 4500-6500K
LED life 40000 h
Light emission system Constant-current light emission
Light control system Variable current control
Light control Manual: Digital setting by the light control knobs 00: OFF, 10-FF (240-step)
External serial: Setting by the RS232C communication 00: OFF, 10-FF (240-step)
External digital: Setting by 8-bit parallel signal 00: OFF, 10-FF (240-step)
External analog: 0-5V (effective range: 32-5V) Approx. 960 steps by internal 10-bit control
0.15V or below: OFF
ON/OFF control Photocoupler insulation, built-in CRD
Response: High-speed ON/OFF within 1 msec (up to 20k Hz in case of repetitive signals), low-speed ON/OFF within 500 msec
Error detection When fan stoppage, LED overheat, LED breakage, or input/LED overcurrent is detected, the alarm indicator lights up and the LED turns OFF.
Input protection By fuse
Input voltage Rating: 24V DC Range: 21.6-26.4V DC
Power consumption 108W
Use environment Temperature: 0-40℃
Humidity: 20-85%RH (non condensing)
Storage environment Temperature: -20-60℃
Humidity: 20-85%RH (non condensing)
Cooling system Forced cooling (air inlet: front, air outlet: rear)
Outside dimensions 102 x 122 x 92 mm (protrusions not included)
Enclosure material SECC and acrylic coating
Weight Approx. 1.2 kg