LED Power Supply

LED Power Supply 10W

UPD2410W Series

・24V spec, digital light control type
・Common to all colors
・CE mark certified
・Worldwide power supply
・Not compatible with the UHP/UKS Series

Specifications: UPD2410W Series

Type UPD2410W-2
Output Max. 2CH output: 10W
Input voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Input current ACIN 100V 0.25Atyp. (Io=100%)
ACIN 200V 0.16Atyp. (Io=100%)
Inrush current ACIN 100V 15Atyp. (Io=100%) at cold start
ACIN 200V 30Atyp. (Io=100%) at cold start
Operating temperature/humidity 0-40℃ /20-85%RH (non condensing)
Storage temperature/humidity -15-85℃ / 20-85%RH (non condensing)
Output mode DC pulse system (approx. 78 KHz)
Output control 8-bit light control PWM control
External light control 8-bit digital light control (parallel)
Output ON/OFF Yes (photocoupler insulation type)
Error output Yes (photocoupler insulation type/control error)
Interface D-SUB25PIN (male)
Cooling system Natural air-cooling
Mounting method Horizontal installation with rubber feet down
Output connector SMP-03V-BC(JST) 1: Output + 3: Output –
Weight Approx. 0.8kg