LED Light

Low-Angle Horizontal Ring Light

ULRH Series

・Suitable for inspection of surfaces with minor irregularity.
・Suitable for highlighting a chipped edge, etc.
・360-degree lighting enables easy installation and adjustment.

Specifications: ULRH Series

Type Light color Ring I.D. (mm) Ring O.D. (mm) Power consumption PDF DXF
ULRH-46R75* Red φ46 φ75 24V/1.9W PDF DXF
ULRH-46W75* White ○ φ46 φ75 24V/3.3W
ULRH-46B75* Blue φ46 φ75 24V/3.3W
ULRH-60R96* Red φ60 φ96 24V/2.4W PDF DXF
ULRH-60W96* White ○ φ60 φ96 24V/4.1W
ULRH-60B96* Blue φ60 φ96 24V/4.1W
ULRH-110R146* Red φ110 φ146 24V/3.8W PDF DXF
ULRH-110W146* White ○ φ110 φ146 24V/6.5W
ULRH-110B146* Blue φ110 φ146 24V/6.5W
ULRH-170R206* Red φ170 φ206 24V/5.8W PDF DXF
ULRH-170W206* White ○ φ170 φ206 24V/9.8W
ULRH-170B206* Blue φ170 φ206 24V/9.8W

"*" represents built-to-order products. Green light is also available for BTO products.
Red light can be operated using a higher brightness 4-element LED in which case "2" should be put to the end of the type code.

Conceptual illuminance figure

Conceptual illuminance figure