LED Power Supply

Compact Controller


・Output: DC24V Input: 24V
・Can be mounted on DIN rail
・External ON/OFF and light control
・240-step high resolution at PWM 750kHz
・Capable of PWM and flash light emission
・Not compatible with the UHP/UKS Series
Model Specifications PDF DXF
UPDS2415W-1 DC24V input PDF DXF
UPDS2415W-1DCJ AC adapter input PDF DXF
UU324-2410(PL03B) AC adapter for UPDS2415W-1DCJ

240-step high resolution is achieved at PWM750kHz

240-step high resolution has been achieved at PWM750kHz for the first time in the industry.
With high-precision light control, this product is suitable for high-speed inspection lines and line camera applications.

External ON/OFF and light control

RS-485 available for external light control (i.e. master-slave scheme).
Multi-dropped connection with up to 31 units.
Individual status management of controllers allowed.
Multi-CH control allows a wide range of applications.

A terminal separate from RS-485 is used for external ON/OFF control.
I/O control and reversal of polarity are allowed. ON/OFF signals and PWM are synchronized to reduce brightness fluctuation. Response speed is less than 5 μsec (can be up to 15 μsec during communication).

Reduced brightness fluctuation

Switchover between PWM light emission and flash light emission

A DIP switch is used to switch between PWM and flash light emission.
Flash light emission can be adjusted at 10 μsec intervals between 10-2550 μsec.
Trigger response speed/response speed is less than 5 μsec (can be up to 15 μsec during communication).
(*No overdrive is used for flash lighting.)

Mode selection by DIP switch

●Manual selection of PWM/flash light emission
●Remote selection of PWM/flash light emission by RS-485
●Reversal of light emission polarity

Mounting on DIN rail

(1) Fit the DIN rail mounting section on the back of the enclosure with the lower edge of a DIN rail, and lift up the enclosure.
(2) Press the enclosure against the DIN rail and hook it on the rail’s upper edge.

Removal from DIN rail

(1) Lift up the enclosure.
(2) Pull and tilt the enclosure as illustrated below. When the upper notch of the enclosure comes off the rail’s upper edge, the entire enclosure can be removed from the DIN rail.

Type UPDS2415W-1 / UPDS2415W-1DCJ
Light emission system PMW/flash at constant voltage
No. of LED light connection 1
LED light output 24VDC, 0.62A or below (15W max.)
LED light connector Main unit side: SMP-03V-BC (JST, 3-pin)
Light side: SMR-03V-B (JST, 3-pin)
Mounting method 35 mm DIN rail mounting
Connectors Main unit side: XW4A-06B1-H1 (Omron, 6-pin)
Cable side: XW4B-06B1-H1 (Omron, 6-pin)
Compatible electric cables: AWG16-28 stranded cables
Input power supply 24VDC (23-25V), 1A or below
*When using a DC jack, use a positive-ground plug that is 2.1 mm in I.D., 5.5 mm in O.D. and 9-10 mm in insert length.
Input overcurrent protection Polyswitch (restored at power OFF)
Operative temperature and humidity range 0~40℃, 20-85% RH (non condensing)
Cooling system Natural air-cooling
Environmental control RoHS-compliant
Outside dimensions 70x45x29 mm (excluding protrusions and DIN rail fittings)
Weight Below 0.1kg
PWM system Light emission system Constant voltage PWM, PWM frequency: about 750 kHz
Light control system Manual/Remote (RS-485)
Light control range Manual: 0-255 by front knob (light intensity not varying between 1-10)
Remote: 0-255 by RS485 (light intensity not varying between 1-10)
Light ON/OFF External ON/OFF signals (polarity reversal allowed)
Flash system Light emission system Light is emitted for a certain period of time triggered by external ON/OFF signals
Light emission time setup Manual/Remote (RS-485)
Light emission time range 0-2550μ (at 10 μsec intervals)
Alarm detection Output overcurrent (operation halted; restored at power OFF)
Communication failure (operation continued; automatically restored after several seconds)
Alarm output Output overcurrent: Alarm indicator ON and lighting OFF
Communication failure: Alarm indicator ON for several seconds and lighting remaining ON
Accessories Instruction manual, connectors (XW4B-06B1-H1)