LED Light

Dome Light

UDM Series

・Long working distance (WD) is enabled by using a high-power chip LED.
・Uniform diffused light enables illuminance with no unevenness.
・A type compatible with pseudo-coaxial light is also available.

Specifications: UDM Series

Type Light color Dome dia. (mm) Power consumption PDF DXF
UDM-100R* Red φ100 24V/9.0W PDF DXF
UDM-100W* White ○ φ100 24V/14.0W
UDM-100B* Blue φ100 24V/9.0W
UDM-150R* Red φ150 24V/9.7W PDF DXF
UDM-150W* White ○ φ150 24V/23.8W
UDM-150B* Blue φ150 24V/9.7W
UDM-200R* Red φ200 24V/13.8W PDF DXF
UDM-200W* White ○ φ200 24V/34.0W
UDM-200B* Blue φ200 24V/13.8W
UDM-250R* Red φ250 24V/16.6W PDF DXF
UDM-250W* White ○ φ250 24V/41.0W
UDM-250B* Blue φ250 24V/16.6W
UDM-300R* Red φ300 24V/16.6W PDF DXF
UDM-300W* White ○ φ300 24V/41.0W
UDM-300B* Blue φ300 24V/16.6W

“*” represents built-to-order products.

Product specifications: UDM-COL Series
Type Light color Dome dia. (mm) Power consumption PDF DXF
Pseudo-coaxial Done Horizontal
UDM-COL100R* Red φ100 4.3W 4.8W 2.9W PDF DXF
UDM-COL100W* White ○ φ100 7.3W 8.2W 4.9W
UDM-COL100B* Blue φ100 7.3W 8.2W 4.9W

Shell type.
“*” represents built-to-order products. Green light is also available for BTO products.

Conceptual illuminance figure

Conceptual illuminance figure