LED Light

Waterproof Light


・IP67 standard compliant. New patented waterproof structure prevents water from entering into the base plate.
・90° angle adjustment fitting as standard equipment.
・Scratch-proof hardened glass as cover glass.
・Corrosion-resistant enclosure (SUS304).
・High-reliability Nichia LEDs.
・Robot cables, 3m in length.

IP67-compliant waterproof lighting for image processing

New waterproof structure LED light with excellent durability and usability

・Lighting for inspection on food/beverage/seafood/meat/drug manufacturing lines (high cleaning frequency).
・Poor environment robot vision.
・Equipment using water, e.g. dicing-related equipment.

Specifications: UBWP-116W36

Type UBWP-116W36
Input voltage 24VDC
Lighting condition Continuous / PWM light control (max. frequency: 750 kHZ)
Power consumption Typ.8.0W (max. 10.4 W)
Current consumption Typ.335mA (max. 435 mA)
Central illuminance [reference] 1890 [lx] (measurement conditions: WD = 300 mm)
Light orientation property [reference] 129° (2θ 1/2)
Angle adjustment 90° (0±45°) to be adjusted using supplied fitting
Environmental standard RoHS-compliant
Waterproof class IP67 (JIS C 0920: 2003 certified)
Note: May not be used under environment with cutting oil, organic solvent or corrosive gas
Use environment Temperature: -5-40℃ Humidity: 20-80%RH (non condensing)
Storage environment Temperature: -20-60℃ Humidity: 10-80%RH (non condensing)
Weight Approx. 460 g (excluding cable)
Recommended power supply Compact controller: UPDS2415W-1
LED power supply: UPD24 Series
Outline view

Light distribution property (WD = 50 mm)

X-axis illuminance chart