LED Light

Bar Light

UB Series

・Irradiation angle can be set at will according to the workpiece shape.
・High intensity can be achieved by means of direct light.
・Use of diffusion and polarizing plates offers variable light quality.

Specifications: UB Series

Type Light color Light-emitting part dimensions (mm) Power consumption PDF DXF
UB-34R8* Red 34×8 24V/1.0W PDF DXF
UB-34W8* White □ 34×8 24V/1.6W
UB-34B8* Blue 34×8 24V/1.6W
UB-50R15 Red 50×15 24V/1.4W PDF DXF
UB-50W15 White □ 50×15 24V/2.4W
UB-50B15-2 Blue 50×15 24V/2.4W
UB-75R15* Red 75×15 24V/2.4W PDF DXF
UB-75W15* White □ 75×15 24V/3.7W
UB-75B15* Blue 75×15 24V/3.7W
UB-75R30 Red 75×30 24V/4.3W PDF DXF
UB-75W30 White □ 75×30 24V/7.3W
UB-75B30-2 Blue 75×30 24V/7.3W
UB-100R15* Red 100×15 24V/2.9W PDF DXF
UB-100W15* White □ 100×15 24V/4.9W
UB-100B15* Blue 100×15 24V/4.9W
UB-130R15 Red 130×15 24V/3.8W PDF DXF
UB-130W15 White □ 130×15 24V/6.5W
UB-130B15-2 Blue 130×15 24V/6.5W
UB-150R15* Red 150×15 24V/4.3W PDF DXF
UB-150W15* White □ 150×15 24V/7.3W
UB-150B15* Blue 150×15 24V/7.3W
UB-200R15* Red 200×15 24V/5.8W PDF DXF
UB-200W15* White □ 200×15 24V/9.8W
UB-200B15* Blue 200×15 24V/9.8W
UB-200R20* Red 200×20 24V/7.7W PDF DXF
UB-200W20* White □ 200×20 24V/13.1W
UB-200B20* Blue 200×20 24V/13.1W
UB-200R30* Red 200×30 24V/11.5W PDF DXF
UB-200W30* White □ 200×30 24V/19.6W
UB-200B30* Blue 200×30 24V/19.6W
UB-250R15* Red 250×15 24V/7.2W PDF DXF
UB-250W15* White □ 250×15 24V/12.2W
UB-250B15* Blue 250×15 24V/12.2W
UB-300R15* Red 300×15 24V/8.6W PDF DXF
UB-300W15* White □ 300×15 24V/14.7W
UB-300B15* Blue 300×15 24V/14.7W
UB-500R6* Red 500×6 24V/10.1W PDF DXF
UB-500W6* White □ 500×6 24V/10.1W
UB-500B6* Blue 500×6 24V/10.1W

"*" represents built-to-order products. Green light is also available for BTO products.
Red light can be operated using a higher brightness 4-element LED in which case "2" should be put to the end of the type code.

Conceptual illuminance figure

Conceptual illuminance figure