Inspection Equipment

Appearance Inspection Equipment

New appearance test method using an optic technology is proposed by this equipment.

You could visualize work pieces that could not go through visual inspections such as work pieces that are invisible or too soft to make quality judgment.

You may resolve challenges in your daily operations such as automation of laborsome visual inspections and quantification of inspection results for more convincing explanation to users.

Our proposal will include hardware including camera, lenses and lights necessary for automated appearance inspection and software for quality judgment.

U-TECHNOLOGY utilizes optic technologies to visualizes work pieces and qualities for introduction, manufacturing and inspection processes of automatic inspection machines.
Near IR liquid visualization system

・Infrared rays are used to visualize liquid in black.
・The rays transmit through resin, allowing for checking contents in it.


・Liquid volume check
・Water content check
・Transmissive inspection of resin container, etc.

●Near IR test for contaminations in a liquid

・Foreign substances in a liquid can be checked.
・Infrared rays transmit through the liquid to visualize its contents.

・Check for foreign substances in a liquid
・Transmissive through printing on packages, etc.
・Foreign substance check after transmission through printing

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